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Cowboy Country Television

Episode Content

Episode 1 - View Trailer
Artist: Troy Fischer, Silversmith
Trailblazer: Kootenai Brown
Profile: Mike Copeman, Rodeo Photographer
Cooking: Mexican Green Chili
Homes of the West: Paul & Kristin Van Ginkel, The house that Kristin Built

Episode 2 - View Trailer
Cowboy Way: Marlene Wilson, Contract Cowgirl
Trailblazer: Antoine Boitanio
Profile: Doug Richards, Jimmy Richards, Billy Richards, Jill Richards
Cooking: Lucasia Ranch Breakfast
Artist: Bernie Brown, Boot Hill Gallery & Gift Shop

Episode 3 - View Trailer
Artist: Al Owchar, Luthier, Calgary, Alberta
Trailblazer: George Lane
Profile: Duane & Cheryl Daines,Diamond D Ranch, Innisfail, Alberta
Cooking: Taco Salad
Homes of The West: Dee Butterfield, Ponoka, Alberta

Episode 4 - View Trailer
Gary Fjellgaard, CCMA Hall of Fame Inductee
Trailblazer: Clem Gardner
Homes of The West: James and Kristen Horvath
Cooking: Tastes Like Fried Chicken, Chicken
Profile: Tom Bews, Longview, Alberta

Episode 5 - View Trailer
Artist: Dale Auger
Trailblazer: Jerry Potts
Profile: Shawna Blades-Bird & J. Manerd Bird, Cowboy Country Clothing
Cooking: Jump N’ Kick Dip“
Profile: Joe Braniff, 10 Time CPRA Announcer of the Year

Episode 6 - View Trailer
Scott Byrne
Trailblazer: General Pilsner
Artist: Eli Barsi
Cooking: Lil Cheddar Meat Loaves
Destination: O’Keefe Ranch

Episode 7- View Trailer
Living Legend:
Trailblazer: Bill Peyto
Destination: Great Canadian Barn Dance
Cooking: Hat Creek Buffalo Stew
Artist: Don Brestler

Episode 8- View Trailer
Living Legend:
Winston Bruce
Trailblazer: Midnight
Homes of the West: Tom Bews
Cooking: Bar C Ranch Style Wedges
Artist: Shane Seib

Episode 9- View Trailer
Lenore McLean
Trailblazer: Johnny Boychuk
Cowboy Way: Resch/Rempel Brothers
Cooking: Stonehill Ranch Chili
Artist: Tale Spinners

Episode 10- View Trailer
Aust General Store
Trailblazer: Geraldine Moodie
Artist: Latigo
Cooking: Barn Beans
Profile: Pro Champion

Episode 11- View Trailer
Thurston Gang
Trailblazer: Will James
Profile: Lori Gordon
Cooking: Bar U Secret Ribs
Homes of the West: O’Connor

Episode 12- View Trailer
Cowboy Way:
Bob Kaufman
Trailblazer: Bob Nolan
Living Legend: Bob Robinson
Cooking: Buttermilk Biscuits
Destination: Rolyn Hills

Episode 13- View Trailer
Brett Kissel
Trailblazer: Airwolf
Profile: Dee Butterfield
Cooking: Cow Patty Cookies
Ranches of the West: Indian Gardens Ranch



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