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TV schedule (as of May 13, 2011).  Please note that Broadcasters may change schedule at any time.  Please consult local listings for times in your area.

In High Definition

APTN             Monday - Friday @ 10am MST
                     Saturday @ 4:30pm MST

Standard Definition

BOLD             Monday @ 4pm MST
                     Wednesday @ 11:30 am and 2:30pm MST

                      Friday @ 12:30 am MST
                      Saturday @ 11am and 2pm MST

Book-TV        7 Days a Week @ 9pm and 3am MST

A-Ottawa      Saturday @ 4am MST
                      Sunday@ 5am and 5:30 am MST

A-Barrie         Saturday @ 5am MST
                      Sunday@ 5am and 5:30 am MST

A-London      Saturday @ 5am and 5:30am MST
                    Sunday@ 5am and 5:30 am MST

A-Victoria     Saturday @ 8am and 8:30am MST
                    Sunday@ 8am and 8:30 am MST

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